Just For Fun Singersof Salem, Oregon

of Salem, Oregon


One to the Best Kept Secrets in Salem

We wanted to express to the choir how much we appreciated your presence among us and the fantastic concert you presented at Trinity.

This was a very unique concert and was received with much appreciation by the audience.

We believe that the "Just for Fun Singers" is one to the best kept secrets in the Salem area and is worthy of many accolades for the blending of voices, numbers that you sing and the enjoyment it brings to its audiences.

Jerry Remple
Chairperson of Outreach
Trinity United Methodist Church
Salem, Oregon

Thoroughly Enjoyed

Thank you so much for your entertainment.

We enjoyed you thoroughly.

South Salem Seniors
Salem, Oregon

A Song in Our Hearts and a Tap in Our Toes

Dear Just For Fun Singers,

Our time with you just fabulous once again.

Thank you for putting a song in our hears and a tap in our toes.

Your Friends
Paradise Island Park
Salem, Oregon

"Electrified" by the "Just For Fun Singers"

All of Hidden Lakes has been "Electrified" by the" Just For Fun Singers". Your performance was delightful and the residents were asking me when you were coming back before you even left the stage. You need to know that our residents are pretty savvy when it comes to music appreciation. We regularly have talented performers share with us and your group has by far had the most positive reaction. You all had such great stage presence and it seemed that all the singers were truly "FEELING" what they were singing about, with expressive faces and a true earnestness. 

And go guys! Your tenor and bass sections ROCK.....does Judy know how many choir directors would do murder to have your men in their singing groups? And your guys are not wimpy wimps, they are powerful ! Thanks so so so much for taking your time to bless us.

We would just love to have you then. We want first choice!

Please convey to your group how much we enjoyed each and every song. One more thing.....the song selection was superb---just the right amount of classics, contemporary, and sacred. And the attitude of the singers was refreshing, everyone seemed so friendly and humble, genuine good folk.

Again, we can not thank you enough and we look forward to having you again, very soon if we have anything to do with it? God bless you all, Rosalind

Rosalind Barbara Elgin
Community Sales
cell (503) 385-6085, office (503) 588-2922
Hidden Lakes Retirement Community