Just For Fun Singers


Where has all the music gone?
We heard it once,
Resounding from every room, pouring through every door.
The woman and the muse. Music was her voice,
her companion, her destination.
Kindness was her middle name
and patience was her way—
forbearing both boor and bore.
She never rolled her eyes. She could have.
Talent pulsed with every breath
and knew no moderation
as creativity took the stage.
Of course there was laughter,
and whimsy and wit.
She sang, played, tootled and strummed.
To us she was mentor, director, teacher, friend.
Her greatest gift? Acceptance of the imperfect,
She may have enjoyed the squeaks, the sour notes and the tin ears.
We’ll never know. She was that kind of conductor.
Her guidance came from above,
as she began every performance with a prayer
and ended with a whispered “thank you”—
Thank you to us. Thank you to Him
Judy is home, now,
standing at the gates of heaven
with a baton in one hand
and a music stand in the other,
ready to begin rehearsal for this year’s
Hallelujah Christmas Cantata.
And she’s humming.
In Memory of Judy Dyer—
Beloved Choir Director and Friend
Salem, OR, First Christian Church
Virginia Chapman Krebs—Apr.2, 2018